2018 Winner It was an absolute pleasure to play in the annual CARES tournament last year.  What a first class event!  I was amazed by the effort put into this event, and I felt honored to be a part of the fundraising efforts for this scholarship.  The level of volunteerism was absolutely amazing and was a first class event.  It was an absolute thrill to win, but the biggest highlight for me was hearing how this scholarship has impacted the recipients.  This is an incredible event and I'm very proud to have been a part of it.  Looking forward to next year!

Dana Zupke
2018 C.A.R.E.S Tournament Champion

2015 Tournament Winnwe I really had the best time playing poker for such a great cause! I originally had asked my friend if I could just go and watch because I had never really played poker before. She convinced me to try and that it would be fun and that all the money raised would be put to great use for an even greater cause. I conceded and went with my boyfriend who loves to play and knows his way around a deck of cards. On the way over, he coached me on what hand beats what and the differences between a full house and a flush and what cards make up a winning hand. After the first few hands, I got the hang of it and started winning. Before I knew what was happening I was being moved to another table and the players were dwindling. Lady luck took over and before long I had a huge stack of chips on my left and people started to gather around the table. I ended up at the final table with some pretty experienced players. My hands shook with every blind but my luck held strong and I ended up winning the tournament! My friends and I are still laughing about that day and how much fun we had! I’m  looking forward to getting to wear a bullseye next year and finding out if my luck holds out!

Valerie Kimball
2015 C.A.R. Memorial Scholarship Poker Tournament Champion

img_4436 Last year I heard about a charity poker tournament being held.  I knew a few people who volunteered/played in the tournament, they told me about what the tournament supported and I felt it a worthy cause to donate to and decided to go.  I was even more impressed with the cause once I got there and found out more about it, it is truly a great cause and the proceeds go to someone who really appreciated it.  The people were very friendly and were all there to support the cause and of course, play some poker.  As luck would have it, I came out on top!  The family and friends that support this tournament are truly dedicated and should be commended on their commitment and willingness to support such a charity and the recipient of the scholarship has all my respect and admiration in overcoming anything life has given them and to follow their dreams.  I look forward to participating again this year and in defending my title!

Jack Wagner
2013 C.A.R. Memorial Scholarship Poker Tournament Champion

img_0564 I had a fantastic time this year and not just because I won!  The tournament is great but I truly love the camaraderie of going head-to-head with great friends, fantastic food and a fun atmosphere.  The dealers are all volunteers, actually everyone that makes this event happen is a volunteer.  People, students & friends that want to see Chris’s memory continue by helping a new generation of ASU Criminology and Criminal Justice students. I’ve talked with each scholarship recipient, you can see the gratitude in their eyes.  They understand what the Rearley’s, volunteers and players are doing for them, especially in these economic times.  This is a great event and a wonderful way to keep Chris’s memory alive.

Ryan Kinnear
2011 C.A.R. Memorial Scholarship Poker Tournament Champion

img_4287 My name is Tim Brais and I am the winner of the 2010 CAR-ASU Foundation poker tournament.  First of all, I would like to say that I was a friend of Chris's for a long time (introduced through my brother Joe) and I am honored to be not only invited to play in this tournament in his name but to win it was even more special.  Second, I will play in this special tournament for as long as they continue to hold it.  I was lucky enough to win the tournament and two airline tickets on Southwest Airlines, anywhere they fly.  With those tickets I was able to go back to Pittsburgh for the holidays and visit my extended family that I hadn't seen in many years.  It was a fantastic trip and I thank the Rearley's for putting on a well organized and truly fun tournament and all the people involved in getting those outstanding prizes.  Chris may not be with us but he lives on forever with his wonderful family and this annual poker tournament.  In closing I would just like to say thank you for including me in your sons memory and to all you who are playing in this years tournament, I will be defending my title, so bring your "A" game.........  Can't wait to see you all there....

Tim Brais
2010 C.A.R. Memorial Scholarship Poker Tournament Champion

img_8529-2 Winning the 2009 Annual C.A.R. Memorial Scholarship Poker Tournament was an exciting experience and one that I’ll always treasure! It is a great honor for me to be forever associated with such a great cause. The Christopher Rearley Memorial Scholarship Fund helps ease the financial burden of an ASU student studying Criminology or Criminal Justice that has been greatly impacted by a disability. Having been friends with Chris and having played numerous games of poker against him, I know this event epitomizes Christopher’s passions in education, law, poker and life itself. I have never been affiliated with such a high class group of people while playing poker before. The event organizers have recruited an All-Star cast of sponsors to ensure great play is well rewarded. The volunteers make the entire process from registering for the event to playing easy and enjoyable. From the organizers, to the sponsors to the volunteers to all the players of the event, everyone is dedicated to the cause, the fun and the excitement in capturing Christopher’s spirit for the game. The game is No-Limit Texas Hold’em. Quite fitting since Christopher lived life with no limits and the scholarship recipients choose to live life with that mantra as well. I sat down at the final table with the short stack. I eyed all players before the first flop was dealt. Some of the players are regulars at the local poker hall, while others are amateurs enjoying the thrill of the final table for the first time. As for me, I try and squeeze in a game every couple of months or so with some friends. Flop after flop, turn after turn, floating down the river made me burn. At that very moment I was living life and playing poker with no limits. When it comes to The Annual C.A.R. Memorial Scholarship Poker Tournament I am “ALL IN”. See you there………… Sincerely Yours, Michael A. Thoms 2009 C.A.R. Memorial Scholarship Poker Tournament Champion